Earn miles for your time - with e-Miles® AirTran Airways

e-Miles is the exciting new service that lets you earn e-Miles miles to be deposited for AirTran Airways® A+ Rewards credits. As a Member of e-Miles, you earn e-Miles miles in just minutes a day — simply by reading and responding to marketing messages relevant to you. There's never been an easier way to earn free e-Miles miles. It's so simple, so rewarding and absolutely free.

Here's how it works:

  1. Accept an e-Miles invitation. Respond to this e-Miles enrollment invitation from AirTran Airways by clicking Join Now below.
  2. Complete enrollment Profile information. It takes just a few minutes! The more information you choose to share in your Profile, the more relevant and exciting e-Miles messages will be! The Profile will include information about you — from interests to important life events. Plus, it lets you tell us how often you want to hear from us and the categories of marketing messages you prefer to receive.
  3. Receive e-Miles earning opportunities. Once enrolled, you'll begin receiving e-Miles earning opportunities, through e-mail that will link you to the e-Miles website. Remember you control the type and frequency of your messages.
  4. View your e-Miles messages. View your marketing messages and answer a few questions.
  5. Get your miles! At your request, 500 e-Miles miles can be deposited in ½ A+ Rewards credit increments into your A+ Rewards account to use for reward tickets.

Join today and receive up to 275 e-Miles miles just for enrolling and completing your profiles.