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FAQs by Category


Account Information

Q. How do I log in after becoming a Member?
Q. How will I recognize an e-mail from e-Miles?
Q. How much e-mail will I receive from e-Miles?
Q. Why am I not receiving e-mail from e-Miles?
Q. How do I change my contact information?
Q. How do I change my e-mail address?
Q. How do I change my password?
Q. How do I update or change my profile?
Q. How can I confirm that I've been rewarded for responding to a specific ad?
Q. How do I cancel my membership?
Q. Can I reactivate my membership after cancelling it?

Program-Related Information

Q. What is e-Miles?
Q. How will I receive e-Miles earning opportunities?
Q. How does e-Miles work?
Q. How do I join e-Miles?
Q. What can I use my e-Miles miles for?
Q. Are miles earned from e-Miles the same as the miles or points in my frequent flyer or hotel loyalty account program?
Q. Who is eligible to join e-Miles?
Q. How much does it cost to participate in e-Miles?
Q. Do I have to fly or buy anything to earn e-Miles miles?
Q. How do I earn e-Miles miles?
Q. How do I redeem my e-Miles miles?
Q. How soon can I start using my e-Miles miles?
Q. How long does it take for miles to be deposited into my e-Miles account after I respond to an ad?
Q. Why haven't my miles been credited for my redemption?
Q. Can I change my preferred program?
Q. What happens if I receive an invitation from another sponsor which I prefer?
Q. Where can I find information about the e-Miles Privacy Policy or Member Agreement?
Q. Will e-Miles sell my e-mail address?

Technical Questions

Q. Is e-Miles enrollment secure?
Q. What are cookies?
Q. Can I use your site with cookies disabled?
Q. How do I enable cookies on my browser?
Q. What if I have enabled all cookies and am still unable to
log in?

Q. If I have received a password error message, what
should I do?

Q. What if I have received a "Page Not Found" error?
Q. Which Web browser can I use to view the e-Miles website?
Q. Why am I having problems viewing the site through my AOL browser on a Macintosh?
Q. What is the Adobe Flash Player?
Q. How does e-Miles use Adobe Flash Player?
Q. What version of the Adobe Flash Player is required to view videos, animation and interactive content from e-Miles?
Q. Why can't I see the video when I open an e-Miles earning opportunity?
Q. I have the latest version of the Flash Player and still cannot view the Flash content on the e-Miles website. How do I get additional assistance?
Q. Why am I having trouble viewing e-Miles videos with dial-up connection?

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